Photography Tours

Wild Horses & Wildlife - Assateague & Chincoteague, Virginia

 Mark invites you to travel on his photography tour by boat or kayak. Photographer & boat captain Mark B. Coulbourne was featured on the Good Morning America Show leading his nature tour to see wild horses & wildlife along Assateague Island and Chincoteague Island in Virginia. Visit Mark's tour takes you where you can only get to by boat or kayak. Mark has been taking thousands of people along the island on this tour since 2001. He grew up in this environment, boating, working as a commercial waterman by boat along the islands, surfing & enjoying photography. He moved to Hawaii in 1990 to surf on the North Shore and other areas in Hawaii, Mark is an accomplished surfer in rather large pristine waves. He returns to this area in Virginia each Summer to guide amazing tours. You can experience the legendary wild horses, unspoiled nature and wildlife here. Enjoy amazing areas on the boat or kayak tour while you capture photos that many can only dream of.

Explore Assateague & Chincoteague Island’s best areas. This is some of the best places in Virginia for photography when it comes to wildlife. Experience unique photo opportunities and unforgettable landscapes. Mark is looking forward to sharing this hidden treasure with you. Dolphins, Birds, Scenery & Wild Horses are waiting. The tours are set up so you can go out a couple times while you are here. Enjoy the boat tour and then the kayak tour during each day to ensure that you see the most of the ever changing environment. You will be inspired by the changing tides and moving wildlife patterns during the day while are here.

This is a dream destination for nature lovers and those that have always wanted to see the legendary wild horses here. About 300 wild horses live on Assateague Island and Mark knows their behaviour patterns very well. He started these boat tours and kayak tours to see the wild horses back in early 2001. Mark is considered the founder of this concept of viewing wild horses by boat in these areas and is responsible for bringing traveling visitors here for decades. His family has lived in the area since the early 1600’s. Other non-photographers may be on the boat or kayak tour, but that does not matter to the wildlife. The wildlife and scenery here are something you will always remember. Dolphins, shorebirds, eagles and herds of wild horses move throughout the day, so anytime is great. You will be inspired by the area, its history and wildlife.